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Sarees have become a trendsetter in the fashion world and are increasingly relevant in the apparel category. The saree, a drape worn by women for thousands of years, is traditionally worn in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Due to its immense popularity, sarees are now available globally and are an integral part of the apparel category. In fact, the Indian saree is considered to be the oldest form of clothing in existence. "Ekktara" was founded with a pledge to give back to society.

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Ekktara Lehengas

At EKKTARA, we take pride in presenting a refined collection of designer lehenga cholis. Our assortment includes stitched, semi-stitched, and unstitched options, all meticulously crafted from premium fabrics. Each lehenga choli features intricate patterns and elegant embroidery, adding to its timeless and opulent allure. Whether you choose a fully stitched piece or prefer to personalize it with our semi-stitched or unstitched options, you're guaranteed to find a perfect fit for your style and grace. Embrace the chic and lavish essence of our lehengas and make a stunning statement at any occasion.

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Organza Saree Collection

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Sure thing! Ekktara doesn't just offer sarees, they've got a fantastic lineup of lehengas too. A lehenga is that fab Indian outfit with a super gorgeous skirt, a cute matching blouse, and a cool scarf (that's the dupatta). Just like with sarees, when you're checking out lehengas on Ekktara, you'll wanna think about things like fabric, colour, design, and when you're planning to wear it. Fabric: So, Ekktara has all sorts of lehengas made from different fabrics. You've got lush silk, fancy brocade, breezy georgette, and more. Each fabric feels and hangs differently, so pick what feels good and matches your style. If you're going all-out for a wedding, silk can bring the glam, while georgette's a lighter pick for parties.Colour:The colour you go for totally sets the vibe. Ekktara has lehengas in loads of colours - from bold and bright to soft and chill. Think about the event, your skin tone, and what shades you love. Bold shades like deep blue or rich maroon can totally rock at weddings, while lighter colors like pink or mint can be sweet for other fun times. Design: Lehenga designs on Ekktara go from classic to cool. They've got fancy embroidery, shiny zari work, sparkly sequins, and more bling. You can go old-school with patterns like flowers or peacocks, or modern with sleek geometric designs. Whether you wanna go all out or keep it chill, there's something for you.Occasion:
Just like with sarees, when and where you're wearing the lehenga matters. For big-deal events like weddings, you might want a lehenga with lots of bling and detail. But for not-so-formal stuff like parties or engagements, a simpler lehenga can still make you shine without going overboard.

So, scroll through Ekktara's lehenga collection and find that perfect outfit. With so many cool fabrics, awesome colors, and stunning designs, you're sure to spot a lehenga that's totally your style and suits the vibe of your event.

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